Wrongful-Death Lawsuit: Wyoming Man vs. Walmart

Denver Wrongful Death Attorney

According to the Denver Post, a man from Sheridan, Wyoming is suing the Sharidan Walmart for the wrongful-death of his wife. In a Federal court lawsuit, Frederick M. Lollar claims that his wife, Jaqueline Lollar, died on September 19, 2011 after eating part of a contaminated cantaloupe that was purchased at Walmart on September 1, 2011. The FDA acknowledged that the cantaloupe – which originated from a batch grown in Colorado – was contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, a type of bacteria. Walmart removed the cantaloupes but did not publicly warn customers or make a statement to warn consumers about that contamination and the potential hazardous effects to their health if consumed.


Wrongful-death claims: Who is eligible?


The family members of someone that died due to the negligence, carelessness, or as a result from the direct actions of another person are eligible to file a wrongful-death claim. Once the family members establish that another person was responsible for the loss of their loved one, they can then seek monetary compensation for the suffering and damages caused by their loss.


Our top priority is to hold accountable those parties responsible for the death of your loved one. These cases are not easy but we are willing to work through whatever obstacles may arise. Like you, we want full and fair compensation for your loss, including funeral expenses, medical bills, loss of wages and support, as well as any other expenses taken on by you and your family.



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