Motorcyclist Seriously Injured And His Passenger Killed


A motorcyclist was seriously injured and his passenger killed in a crash on 6th Avenue in Aurora, according to CBS Denver. Aurora police believe that the motorcycle was trying to make it through a yellow or possibly red light at 6th Avenue and Del Mar Circle, when the driver saw a car turning left in front of him. He locked his brakes, and the bike flipped, crashing into the car. Both the male driver of the motorcycle and his female passenger were taken to the hospital. The woman died, while the man is in critical condition. No one in the car was injured. Police do not believe that alcohol, drugs, or excessive speed were involved in the crash.

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Motorcyclists are much more vulnerable to serious injury or death in accidents than people in cars and trucks. With far less inherent protection than a car, any accident on a motorcycle has the potential to cause catastrophic injury. While the number of motorcyclists killed in traffic accidents is far lower than the number of people in cars, it represents a much higher percentage of motorcyclists by highway miles driven. The fact is that motorcycles present much more of an inherent risk to their drivers than cars and trucks. That said, everyone who chooses to should be able to enjoy the freedom that they provide.

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