Four Separate Hot Air Balloon Crashes Resulted In Injuries

abc_hot_air_balloon_dm_130108_wgFour separate hot air balloon crashes resulted in injuries to six people in Boulder County and Jefferson County, according to the Denver Post. High winds made Saturday morning hot-air balloon rides more difficult to control than normal, and several balloons got out of control and crashed. No serious injuries were reported at the time of the crashes, but several people reported neck and back pain after the crashes. The four balloons crashed in different areas, although apparently all of them crashed in relatively open spaces. One balloon went down near Rocky Flats, one in the Kelsall Open Space, one in Arvada, and one in a field north of Rocky Flats.

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One of the joys of Colorado is all the different ways that there are to enjoy our beautiful landscapes. Of course, we all know that there is some degree of danger in many of these activities. From hot-air balloon rides, to river rafting or tubing, to skiing, most of the people who participate hire some company to be the expert. While no one can completely remove the risk from these activities, these companies are responsible to do whatever they can to minimize risk. In some cases, this means canceling trips with clients because conditions are too risky. When you participate in one of these activities, you need to know that you are not guaranteed complete safety, however you also need to understand that the company you work with does have an obligation to work as hard as possible to minimize the risk of the activity.

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