Fatal Single Car Accident

Denver Wrongful Death AttorneyThe Denver Post reported an accident that happened on Powers Blvd that resulted in a fatality. This single-vehicle car wreck occurred just south of Platte Ave. in Colorado Springs. The single driver of the vehicle was thrown from his SUV. When police reported to the scene, they found the SUV was rolled over and the man was underneath the hood of the vehicle with the car on top of him. The driver was reported dead on the scene. The accident is still under investigation.

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According to The U.S. Department of Transportation, seat belts are the simplest form of protection against being ejected from a vehicle. Seat belt use in 2012 reached 86 percent, a significant increase from 84 percent in 2011. According to the statistics, seat belt use is lowest among rural drivers, pick-up truck drivers, and on weekend evenings. Drivers are encouraged to wear a seat belt when driving for many reasons. Only 2% of people with seat belts on are ejected from vehicles after a car accident. Seat belts are given credit for saving 89% of people in serious car accidents. Among people that choose to not wear seat belts, there is an 86% chance that they will be ejected from their vehicle if involved in an accident where both vehicles are going over 40 mph. Car accidents are a common occurrence so wearing a seat belt is always encouraged.

Serious injuries can mean that you also may have a stay in the hospital. This can add up to a very large medical bill. Insurances companies are acting in bad faith when they deny and reject a valid claim for medical care. However, if this has happened to you, you know this can affect you financially. Don’t let an insurance company take advantage of you. An experienced attorney can deal with bad faith insurance companies and ensure that you are receiving the medical attention and care that your injuries require.

Colorado Personal Injury AttorneyIf you have been involved in a car wreck that caused serious injuries to you or a loved one it is important to seek out a Colorado Springs car wreck attorney. Allow Andrew Bubb to fight to protect your rights while you focus on your recovery process. When you have suffered serious injuries after a car accident it is important that you receive more than just medical care, but also financial compensation. Hiring an attorney to protect you and get you money for any lost wages and suffering that you have endured. IT is important to a compassionate lawyer like Andrew Bubb that the negligent behavior of an individual who caused your injuries is brought to justice. Every year thousands of Colorado residents are injured and sometimes killed in automobile accidents. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed due to the negligence of another driver, reach out to our Colorado car accident attorneys today. Contact us today at (800) 773-4492.

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