Fatal Rollover at Academy Park Loop and Fountain Boulevard

An accident can happen in a matter of seconds. They can be a life changing experience in the simplest of ways and a life ending experience. The Denver Post reported a fatal accident just recently. A man was killed in a single car crash when he rolled his car at Academy Park Loop and Fountain Boulevard. The police report indicates that the man was trapped in his white Mazda SUV. According to the Colorado Springs police report, he lost control of the SUV on a curve and his car pinned the man in the car. His accident closed off the northbound Academy Park Loop from Fountain and southbound traffic from 900 Academy Park Loop.

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Chances are very high that you have passed by at least one accident on your daily commute in the last week. What many drivers do not recognize is that one day it could be you just as easily. Car accidents are very common. In fact, according to the US Department of Transportation in 2010 there were 32,885 people who died in car accidents. More people die in motor vehicle accidents than any other reason. Their report shows that the average driver will wreck their car every 12 years. Many of us know a driver who will be in an accident much more often than that. The first nine months of 2012 research indicates that an estimated 25,580 people died in motor vehicle traffic crashes. Over 11,000 people died between October and December in 2012 accidents. This is a very common time for more fatal accidents to occur because there are a lot of highly celebrated holidays in those months. However, in just 3 months nearly a third of the years total fatalities occurred. Driving is a privilege that many American’s enjoy, yet many abuse. Remember, always wear your seat belt and do not speed.

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