Colorado Springs Man Killed in Single Motorcycle Crash | Colorado Springs Motorcycle Accident Attorney

A local Colorado Springs man died after driving his motorcycle off the road. The young 33-year-old male was ejected from his bike when he drove off of Flintridge Drive and struck a curb, according to a news article by KKTV. The unidentified man was traveling down the 5500 block when he failed to turn left and crashed his bike. According to local officials the driver was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident and did not have the proper license to be operating such a vehicle.

Motorcycle accidents have the highest fatalities among all traffic incidents that occur every year. Sadly, more than half of these deaths could have been prevented with the proper head gear. Along with wearing the right protective gear it is important to obtain the correct license in order to operate a motorcycle. In order to acquire a motorcycle license in the state of Colorado you must pass a series of written and practice tests. The exams are more intense than getting a driver’s license and should be completed before anyone attempts to ride a motorcycle on Colorado Springs roadways.

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