Bicycle FAQ

It is once again that time of year when cyclists, motorists, and motorcyclists begin to get on each other’s nerves as they all look to use mountain roads to enjoy Colorado’s beautiful landscapes, according to the Denver Post. Each year, police departments and sheriff’s offices across the state have patrols to focus on areas that have a history of problems between the three groups. The area most commonly known as a problem area is a 27-mile stretch of Deer Creek Canyon in Jefferson County. Bike Jeffco counted about 900 cyclists through that stretch on one day in 2010, and expects the number to be higher when they do the same county again this year. Police believe that most cyclists and most motorists use the roads safely and treat each other with respect and care, but a few of each make problems for everyone.

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Every driver can think of some examples of seeing cyclists violate the law, safety, and common sense while riding. And every cyclist has stories of drivers who treated them rudely, aggressively, or dangerously. However, it is important for everyone to remember that these are exceptions, and not the rule. It is extremely important for cyclists to follow traffic laws, particularly when riding on highways that have a high potential to present dangerous situations. It is also vital that every driver be aware that they may encounter cyclists, that those cyclists have the right to use the road, and to drive safely and courteously around them.

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