3 Pedestrians Hit After Car Crash

pedestrain crosswalkColorado is a popular state for many reasons, but one main reason is the amount of open space this state has to offer. Colorado is full of active and fit citizens who are out walking, running or cycling. It is important to remember that despite the appeals of being in the outdoors, it can be a danger. According to The Denver Post, there was a two car accident that ended up injuring 3 pedestrians. The two car collision occurred at West Hampden Ave. and South Elati St. The accident occurred during rush hour traffic. According to reports, one of the cars went off the road and careened into three pedestrians who were walking. All three pedestrians were taken to a local Englewood Hospital. All three pedestrians are in serious condition and suffered serious injuries. Both drivers involved in the car accident where uninjured. The eastbound lanes of Hampden Avenue and the northbound lanes of Elati Street were closed for a few hours while the accident was under investigation.

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Pedestrians have a high fatality risk when they are involved in pedestrians traffic accident. Although, being exposed to the natural elements is a great appeal to Colorado residents and visitors, it also poses a great risk to injury. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that over 4,000 pedestrians have died as a result to traffic accidents in 2010. This may not seem like a number of fatalities, however, pedestrian deaths account for 13% of the total traffic accident fatalities. The main reason for these deaths is that inherently pedestrians have less protection from impact. Cyclists accounted for over 600 traffic fatalities. Again, this is due to the fact that they are less protected from impacts. It is important that when acting as a pedestrian you protect yourself by always abiding by traffic laws. There are many times when a car entering an intersection is unable to see around the corner. This can mean that they wont see you when you enter the intersection. Don’t risk your safety, even when you are walking check the intersection and understand where traffic is coming from before you proceed into the intersection.

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